Bought A New Domain To Rank In The Graffiti Removal Space

There's something inherently thrilling about diving into a new domain space, especially when it involves exploring uncharted territories in the digital landscape. Today, I'm embarking on a journey into the graffiti removal niche, a keyword I've never targeted before, despite my extensive experience in the trade and pressure washing space.

The Strategy Behind Choosing a Niche

Choosing graffiti removal was no accident. It's a service that not only complements my existing portfolio in the pressure washing industry but also addresses a specific need within the commercial sector. This strategic alignment allows for the creation of service pages that cater to a broader range of customer needs, from paint stripping to window cleaning.

Building the Site

The foundation of a successful site in this niche lies in the careful planning of service pages and the creation of content clusters. Each service, such as window cleaning or graffiti removal, will be supported by a dedicated blog series. This approach not only enhances the site's authority but also its relevance to specific queries, paving the way for better search engine visibility.

SEO and Content Strategy

Keyword research and content creation are at the heart of my SEO strategy. Drawing insights from authoritative sources like Search Engine Land, Mailchimp, and SEMrush, I'm reminded of the importance of aligning content with user intent and making it easily discoverable by search engines. These principles guide my content strategy, ensuring that each piece not only answers common questions but also engages the audience effectively.

Backlinking and Local SEO

To amplify the site's reach, I'm leveraging backlinks from my own properties and focusing on local SEO through geo-pages. This targeted approach helps capture searches specific to the city, bypassing the need for suburb-specific pages and directly addressing the broader market.

Google Ads and Competitor Analysis

Google Ads will play a crucial role in lead generation, complemented by a thorough analysis of the competition. Despite the limited number of dedicated graffiti removal services, identifying unique angles and incorporating graffiti-related terms in the URL will set my site apart.

Tracking and Measuring Success

Success will be measured through rank trackers, tracking progress for approximately 150 key terms. This data will inform ongoing optimization efforts, ensuring the site's continuous improvement and visibility in search results.

Ongoing Optimisation and Strategy Adjustment

The journey doesn't end with the site's launch. Continuous optimization, from updating plugins to refining SEO strategies, will be crucial in maintaining and enhancing the site's performance against competitors with larger budgets.


Embarking on this new venture is not just about targeting a new keyword; it's about exploring the potential of a niche that intersects with my expertise in the trade space. With a solid strategy grounded in SEO best practices and a keen eye on the competition, I'm poised to navigate the challenges ahead and achieve significant growth in the graffiti removal space.

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