How to Hire Jack-Of-All-Trades In-House Marketer

In my years of building and managing digital marketing teams, I've learned the importance of hiring a generalist, especially in a business that juggles multiple roles across SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads campaigns. As a digital marketing expert with over 20,000 hours of experience, I want to share the importance of finding someone who can effectively wear many hats.

The Value of a Generalist

In my practice, I've often encountered the need for a "jack of all trades." Whether it's handling Facebook management, tweaking Google Ads, or updating multiple websites, the right generalist can be a linchpin for a growing business. I've seen first-hand how a versatile marketer who understands the nuances of various platforms can drive efficiency and innovation.

What to Look for in Candidates

When I interview candidates, I look for someone who has a broad understanding of marketing and demonstrates deep insights into at least one or two key areas. It's not just about knowing the tools—it's about proving they can strategize and execute with minimal oversight. A potential hire should be someone curious, always learning, and able to adapt to new trends in digital marketing, which is crucial as the landscape evolves.

Interviewing Tips

During interviews, I focus on understanding what the candidates have done. It's easy for someone to claim they've managed big campaigns, but I need to see the evidence. I ask them to describe specific campaigns they've worked on, the strategies they used, and the outcomes. This gives me insight into their hands-on experience and ability to drive results, not just their theoretical knowledge.

The Ideal Marketer for Your Business

The ideal marketer for any business is someone who fits the job description but also the culture of the company. They should bring a dynamic set of marketing skills, from SEO to social media to content creation, and be prepared to learn and adapt. This adaptability has often been the difference between a campaign that meets its KPIs and one that falls flat.


Finding the right marketer is about more than just filling a position. It's about understanding your business's needs and how a candidate can meet them with strategic insight and practical skills. In my career, taking the time to find a marketer who can truly drive the ship has not only saved money in the long run but has also significantly boosted our marketing outcomes.

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