Google Reviews Not Showing Up

As a seasoned digital marketing expert with over 20,000 hours dedicated to building and ranking websites and managing SEO and SEM campaigns, I've seen firsthand the impact of Google reviews on a business's online presence. But it's not always smooth sailing—sometimes reviews disappear or never appear despite appearing in Google My Business's backend. Let's explore why this happens and how to handle it.

Understanding Google's Filtering System

Google has a sophisticated system designed to maintain the authenticity and reliability of reviews. This system filters out reviews it suspects are spammy, fraudulent, or violate its policies. Each Google account has what could be considered an "internal quality score," which affects the visibility of its reviews. This is part of Google's effort to clean up the internet and enhance user experiences. Sadly, even genuine reviews can get caught in the net if they originate from accounts with a shady past.

The Role of Account History and Connections

A significant issue I've encountered is the disappearance of reviews due to connections between the reviewer's account and the business. Google scrutinizes reviews from the same IP address or those linked to the business owners via shared email addresses or phone numbers across multiple listings. These reviews are likely flagged and not shown, as Google may view them as attempts at self-promotion or conflict of interest.

Technical Glitches and Inaccuracies

Technical issues such as incorrect business information, duplicate listings, or inactive profiles can also prevent reviews from being displayed. Ensuring your Google My Business information is accurate and up-to-date is crucial. This boosts SEO and signals to Google that your business is active and legitimate, thus deserving of public feedback.

Proactive Strategies for Managing Reviews

Despite these challenges, my advice remains consistent: encourage your customers to leave reviews. Inform them about the importance of submitting feedback from active, reputable accounts. Encourage detailed reviews with images, which Google might find more valuable and are thus more likely to be displayed.

Adapting to Google's Evolving Algorithms

Understanding and adapting to Google's review policies and algorithm changes is key to ensuring your reviews make an impact. Stay proactive by keeping your Google My Business profile active and responding to reviews to signal ongoing engagement.


Navigating Google reviews can be frustrating, but you can overcome these challenges with a deeper understanding of how the system works and proactive management of your online presence. Continue to solicit genuine feedback, keep your profiles active, and adapt to Google's changes to build a robust online reputation and attract more customers.


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