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Recently, I caught up with a startup in the security industry focusing on security systems, including cameras and commercial installations. With my extensive experience in this field, managing multiple successful websites and numerous client campaigns, I've learned what works and what doesn't in digital marketing and lead generation. Over the past five years, I've spent around $200,000 on Google Ads, honing strategies that deliver results.

The Challenge: Transitioning to a Wholesale Model

This startup wants to pivot to a wholesaler model to supply other electrical and security installation companies instead of performing installations themselves. While their advantage lies in obtaining products at a lower cost, I advised them against using price as their unique selling proposition. It's not sustainable in the long run. Instead, focusing on value-added services and strong customer relationships will create a more resilient business model.

Building a Digital Presence on a Budget

If this were my business, I'd create baseline social media accounts and a website displaying products and services, including wholesale rates. The website should directly address other security system companies, clearly outlining the benefits of partnering with us. This foundational step is crucial for establishing an online presence without significant upfront costs.

Learning from the Competition

I would then analyze competitors like and Arlo, deconstructing their marketing strategies to understand what works in the industry. By studying their website content, language, and marketing campaigns, I can gain valuable insights into how they engage their audience. This analysis helps me craft a website and content that resonates with potential clients, showcasing our unique strengths while mirroring the proven tactics of industry leaders.

Creating Valuable Content

Content creation is another essential strategy. Developing guides, reviews, and unboxing videos for our products can build trust and authority. For instance, producing detailed installation guides or comparison videos between different security cameras can position us as experts in the field. This helps potential customers make informed decisions and enhances our credibility.

Leveraging Social Media and Marketplaces

Establishing a presence on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace is crucial. Additionally, joining local Facebook groups related to security and safety allows us to promote our products to a targeted audience. Influencer marketing can also be effective; sending free products to influencers in exchange for reviews can generate buzz and drive traffic to our site.

Running Targeted Ads and SEO

While organic growth is vital, running targeted Google Ads can help us gain immediate visibility. Initially, focusing on installation-related keywords can attract local clients. As our brand grows, we can expand to wholesale terms, capturing a broader audience. Optimizing our website for SEO ensures long-term visibility in search results, driving continuous organic traffic.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Emphasizing innovative security solutions that differentiate us from traditional offerings is key. Our ability to scale and provide reliable products to many businesses can be a significant selling point. Moreover, integrating our products with existing systems and the latest technological advancements ensures we meet the market's evolving needs.

Offering exceptional customer support is another critical factor. We can ensure repeat business and referrals by building trust and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. Ensuring our products comply with data security standards adds an extra layer of assurance, making us a trusted partner in the security industry.

Staying Ahead of Trends

Staying ahead of emerging trends in cybersecurity and adapting our product offerings accordingly keeps us relevant. Developing user-friendly designs that simplify installation and usage for end-users and installers can set us apart from competitors. Leveraging cutting-edge marketing tactics to reach a broader audience and optimizing our campaigns based on data-driven insights will maximize our marketing ROI.


Transitioning from local security installations to a national wholesaler model requires a strategic approach balancing cost and effectiveness. By establishing a solid digital presence, analyzing competitors, creating valuable content, and leveraging industry insights, we can build a robust foundation for our business. Remember, people buy from people. Showcasing our expertise and building relationships with our audience will translate into sales and long-term success.


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