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Venturing into the turf installation landscaping space has been an exciting journey for me. As a digital marketing expert with over 20,000 hours spent building and ranking websites, I always seek new opportunities to expand and grow businesses online. Recently, I've decided to focus on turf installation for a client and a new domain of my own. Here's a comprehensive look at my strategy and steps to dominate this niche.

Understanding the Market

Turf installation often falls under standard gardening and landscaping services, but I've noticed that many competitors list it as part of their broader offerings. Despite being competitive, this space is less saturated than fields like dentistry or financial advising, presenting a unique opportunity for growth.

Initial Assessment

My first step was to analyze the competitors. I discovered that many of them have fewer than 20 Google reviews. Improving this number is crucial because service-based listings typically receive fewer views than physical listings. Local SEO plays a significant role here; listings with physical addresses perform better due to Google's preference for established businesses with a tangible presence. I recommend registering a Google listing to a physical location, such as a warehouse, if possible.

Website Strategy

The current website infrastructure for my client needs to be updated for scaling. Therefore, a full rebuild using WordPress, equipped with the right SEO tools and plugins, is necessary. I plan to establish a robust content strategy, including service descriptions, guides, blogs, and supporting content. This will help build trust with Google and potential customers. A monthly backlinking campaign will also enhance the site's authority and improve search rankings.

Realistic Timelines

Setting realistic expectations is essential in this process. Generally, it takes about 6-7 months to start seeing movement in rankings, with a return on investment expected in over 12 months. Patience and consistent effort are key to achieving these results.

Advertising Strategy

Google Ads are essential for immediate lead generation. Based on other campaigns in similar spaces, I estimate a cost per lead between $45 to $75. Business owners must calculate whether the cost per lead aligns with their average order value. If the ROI could be more favourable, reconsidering or expanding service offerings might be necessary.

While Facebook ads can be useful for brand exposure, their leads are lower quality than those of Google ads. Capturing and utilizing engaging visual content like time-lapse videos and reels is crucial to maximizing organic reach. Setting up a GoPro or a 360-degree camera to document turf installations can provide valuable content for these campaigns.

SEO and Content Creation

I focus on long-tail keywords specific to turf installation to improve search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic. I also prioritize optimizing my Google My Business profile with accurate information and regularly updating it with posts and images. Creating valuable content such as how-to guides, maintenance tips, and customer testimonials will help establish authority and trust with Google and potential customers.

Lead Generation Tactics

Offering free estimates or consultations is an effective way to capture potential leads. Designing dedicated landing pages for different services can significantly improve conversion rates. Using clear and compelling calls to action on all marketing materials will further enhance lead generation efforts.

On-Page SEO and Backlinking

Optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, and headers with relevant keywords is crucial for on-page SEO. Securing backlinks from reputable industry sites and local business directories will boost the site's authority and improve local search performance. Encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews will also enhance credibility and help the site perform better in local search results.


Success in the turf installation landscaping market requires a multifaceted approach combining SEO, local optimization, and strategic advertising. By setting realistic expectations and consistently implementing best practices, I am confident that significant growth and lead generation can be achieved in this niche. We can build a strong online presence and outshine competitors in the turf installation space through thorough competitor analysis, robust website strategies, and effective advertising tactics.


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